owl sidewaysThere’s an overwhelming amount of information out there. When it comes to your health, who can you believe and who can you trust?

In the old days we used encyclopedias as our source of information, and we knew they were maybe a couple years outdated. And of course magazines and newspapers for more current information.

But times have changed and there is now there is tons of information in this Information Age.  So instead of asking “Where can I find information?” we must ask “What is the best and most credible source of information and who can I trust?”

Your doctor? Your doctor does have an education in medicine, but he or she trained only in drugs and surgery as a solution for all health conditions and diseases. Doctors are no longer trained in the basics of health; they are not trained in nutrition, how to have thoughts that empower you to heal, and how to deal with emotions. Worse yet, they are taught that they are the authorities and experts on health, so they aren’t even trained on their own limitations.

Google? Now there is an abundance of information and it’s moving at lightning speed. You can find information about any topic on the intenet. However, when doing your initial search for a topic it is difficult to find unbiased information. In other words, big businesses have big money for advertising and therefore can create website that earn their positions at the top of google. You may find the information biased against holistic and alternative remedies. And for those who are just starting to learn about alternative and holistic healthcare options, it can be very misleading.  Sites like naturalnew.com and mercola.com are great sites where people can get real information.

Pharmaceutical Ads? Seriously? These ads with happy people walking and playing on the beach as they quietly list a bunch of deadly side effects. As ridiculous as some of them appear, they work. These ads help pharmaceutical companies earn billions of dollars in profits. If they didn’t work, they wouldn’t do them.

Your gut? … in the old days people would have to learn to listen to their gut to find the solutions to their health. Part of the pharmaceutical strategy is to guide people away from their own intuition. “Ask Your Doctor if this med is right for you.” And “Don’t stop taking medications without talking to your pharmacist.” These are message that serve to make you distrust and discredit your own guidance system and depend upon so called “health care experts” to guide you in the right direction. (towards drugs.)


We can listen to the experts and the professionals – but does what they are saying make sense? Does it feel right? We should always remember to listen to and be guided by our own intuition.