vaxxedVaxxed is a documentary about vaccinations and the damage they cause.

Vaxxed shares the terrible stories of parents who had children that were talking, walking, and connecting to them, hitting all the markers of normal child development, and then suddenly change after a vaccine (mostly MMR). The children regressed, stopped walking, talking, developing, and no longer could connect, many severely and permanently disabled. Thousands of parents have the same devastating story. They describe their child no longer recognizing them, they lose the connection and the spark in their eyes, and it never comes back.

Andrew Wakefield was the first medical doctor to suggest that there may be a connection between vaccinations and autism. The results of his research basically cost him his career and his medical license. This is how far the pharmaceutical companies will go to protect their profits.

And the even sadder part is our medical “experts” are trained to not believe these parents, and are trained to believe there is no link and the parents only want to blame someone, or they were born that way, blah blah blah. In additional, medical professionals are not trained to understand what a vaccine injury looks like, or what symptoms would appear. Another example of pharmaceutical companies making huge profits at the expense of our health.

The movie also shared that there is a whistleblower from the Center for Disease Control who shares that they did know that vaccines cause autism, and suppressed the information.  Now that there are so many injured children his conscious finally urged him to speak out. But now it’s been 2 years that’s he’s been waiting to share his story, but congress still hasn’t called for him.

The pharmaceutical companies cannot get sued for the damage they cause with vaccines. Therefore, they have no incentive to make sure they are safe. They only have incentive to sell them as much as they can.