incurableDoctors can often offer a prognosis:

“You will have to take this medication for the rest of your life.”

“You have three months to live.”

“Your condition is incurable.”

These often give patients a sense of what to expect, so they don’t have to get their hopes up and they have real expectations on what’s possible with their health.

But the problem is that doctors only have a limited view of what is possible.

They haven’t taken any classes in school that explain all the possibilities for healing in the entire world.
They don’t study people who have healed to find out what they did; they often just consider it a fluke.

They don’t know or understand the entire picture of health.

For true health, we must address the body, mind, and spirit. We must replace limiting beliefs with empowering thoughts. We must understand the role of emotions in triggering disease. We must understand the best techniques for body, mind, and spirit to heal. We must understand how to best maximize the possibilities to heal. We must remove toxins from our diet, and household products, and from our bodies. And we must provide rich nutrition that will help the body heal.

But doctors and pharmacists are not trained in all these aspects to health. We are only trained in pharmaceutical drugs for a solution to everything.

So when a doctor tells you that your condition is incurable, understand that it is a very limited perspective. Understand that these conditions are incurable if you depend upon doctors and drugs, but often can be cured if you address health with holistic and natural treatments.

There are several conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue, and cancer that doctors will advise patients they must live with for the rest of their lives, that they are incurable. Yet many patients can overcome these conditions completely with a holistic approach.

When a medical professional tells their patient, their condition is “incurable,” many accept their doctors word as the truth and this can be damaging. Medical doctors should not be allowed to make that claim because they don’t a complete picture of what’s possible for health, and often it is not true.