Seven Laws

There are so many types of alternative health, from Crystals to Accupressure to Theta Healing to Emotional Freedom Technique, … it can be overwhelming. So how do you start to sort through all these types of healing methods and which is the right one for you? When I went to Brent Phillips Theta Healing seminar, and I was excited to learn about the Seven Planes of Existence.

The Seven Planes of Existence

First Plane – is made up of rocks, crystals and minerals. Crystals are a common and powerful healing modality, and minerals are necessary for bones and good health.

Second Plane – is where plants, herbs and nature collide; the sacred dance between earth / air / light from which many healing modalities emanate. The source of Homeopathy.

Third Plane – is the plane of the animal world, connected to motion and movement. Humans are most connected to this plane. Healing modalities would include nutrition, massage, yoga, and physical therapy.

Fourth Plane – The plane of the spirits, where our ancestors reside, and where we go between lifetimes. We all have a strong connection to the Fourth plane. Modalities include Native American and Polynesian healing methods, Shamanism, and psychic readings

Fifth Plane – also known as the Astral Plane, is the place of duality and polarity. Here reside good and evil, angels and demons, right path and wrong path. An example of fifth plane healing modality is angel readings

Sixth Plane – is the home of the Laws of the Universe, including the Law of Attraction, Law of Gravity, and Law of Time. Healing modalities include Astrology, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, vibration machines, sound and light therapies

Seventh Plane – Is Everything, the All That Is, Ever Was, and Ever Will Be. Theta Healing is a prime example of healing from this dimension. Straight to the source and back.

Before I learned about The Seven Planes, there was no way, in my mind, to organize all the different types of alternative healthcare options.  They seemed like a strange range of treatment methods— from earthly to out there. Although this doesn’t give all the answers, now I feel like there is a little more of a system or guide when introducing people to alternatives. Are they more comfortable with the earthy types of healthcare options? Or are they open to testing the higher planes of existence?

For more information, check out Brent Philips book about Theta Healing Where Science Meets Spirit which has a chapter dedicated to the seven planes of existence.