So you’re in pain … where do you start what can you do?

PAINChronic pain sufferers have a tough journey – and even tougher if they depend upon doctors and drugs for all their healthcare needs. Depending upon doctors and drugs when you are in pain will lead you to addictive pain killers and possibly surgery. People who struggle with chronic pain must often suffer for years and then have other problems such as depression, anxiety, and anger. They suffer, depend upon prescription medications that are addictive, and when they can’t get them they are hostile, aggressive, and often very depressed.

But there are many options for people who are in pain that the doctors won’t tell you about, because they don’t learn about them. What other options are there?

In the holistic world, there are many ways to get out of pain.

Three people I interviewed in my book all struggled with chronic pain for several years, and all got out of pain using different techniques.

Muscle releasing –Art San had a motorcycle accident that left him is severe pain for over 20 years. The doctors only had drugs and surgery to recommend. A lot of time our muscles tighten up after an injury in effort to compensate for the damage. Art learned how to get himself completely out of pain using muscle releasing techniques. Now Art helps those who struggle for years. You can find immense relief from an experience practitioner.

Hypnotherapy – Our minds are more powerful than most people realize. Our minds can help us heal or make us sicker. It is estimated that the subconscious mind controls 95% of our lives. Through hypnotherapy we can access our subconscious mind and changes, from elimination of habits, to getting out of pain and complete healing.  When Duncan Tooley struggled with neuropathy, he  was unable to work and declared disabled, as his medical doctors had no solution for him except drugs and surgery. Duncan was able to completely heal himself using hypnotherapy, and now passionately helps others gain access to their subconscious mind and heal themselves.

Emotional cause – According to some theories, there is an emotional cause behind all health conditions and diseases including pain. Understanding the emotional cause behind it, the reason behind it, what we need to learn from it, is part of the journey to healing.  In Peter Bedard’s book, Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love, Peter shares how he healed his own pain after suffering for 20 years after his own near-death experience.  Peter’s amazing book shows how to understand what the pain is trying to teach and he now helps others get out of their chronic pain.

These are just a few solutions of the many out there.  If you are in pain, you should know that there is a solution; your body has the complete ability to heal itself.  Instead of the drugs and surgery, set off on your healing journey with the intention to completely heal and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

All three of their stories are shared in my book which you can find

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”  – Rumi