In the above video, Dr. Drew spoke candidly about how he was about Hilary “Gravely concerned … not about her health… but about her healthcare.”

If he was the doctor, he would “be ashamed to show up in the doctors lounge … we would be laughed out … she’s receiving sort of 1950s level care by our evaluation.”

“We took a look at her record…Armour thyroid … very unconventional… we used to use in the 1960s … that’s weird.”

“Coumadin … that’s weird … really isn’t used anymore… FALSE … it’s used all the time.”

“Now we used eliquis or xarelto …certainly the presidential candidate would get one of the newer ones.”

“They are using an old fashioned … what is going on?”

“And they are using an old fashioned medication to treat it. What is going on with her healthcare … It’s bizarre …Maybe there are reasons, but from far away it looks bizarre. There ought to be some standards for people who are going to lead the country …”

“It seems she is getting care from someone she met in Arkansas when she was a kid …It’s dangerous… and concerning.”


What is wrong with his opinion?


Newer drugs are better?

When a new drug comes out, we get to see the advertisements on television, on the internet, in magazines, and wherever else the drugs companies can find. They are made to look exciting and promising. There is this underlying belief that the newer is better than previous medications on the market.

But are they really better? Most likely they are not.

Drug that are pushed out on the market are tested by the drug companies that make profits from them. They will do the bare minimum of testing, and as soon as the new drug gets FDA approval, then there is massive push to advertise so patients will ask their doctors for it. There is a major push to sell the new drug. But often the real statistics about side effects are not discovered until years later after the masses have been taking it. And there are several drugs that have been pulled off the market years later when the information become available.
The truth is the drug companies that do the studies will not highlight side effects if they can get away with it. And then they will work to make as much profit as possible, as soon as possible, despite any potential side effects.

I always recommend to customers to take, if anything, the drugs that have been on the market for a long time. If you see a drug advertised on TV, then chances are it’s brand new, they are pushing it out as soon as possible, and they don’t know all the side effects and dangers yet.

Instead of the next new drug, get the next new iphone, and stick to older, time tested drugs. Or even better, herbals or essential oils if possible.

He thinks the presidential candidate should get one of the newer anticoagulants. Dr. Drew has obviously been sold by the pharmaceutical reps who come in with the newest and latest drugs as they buy the doctors lunches. Good job on firing Dr. Drew, he should be selling iphone or cars instead.