About Dr. Leyla Ali, PharmD

Leyla on boatI’m Dr. Leyla Ali and I’d like to personally welcome you to my website. I am a pharmacist and author of Off Balance, The American Way Of Health, A Pharmacist’s Perspective on Why Drugs Don’t Work.

My mission is to help people understand the limitations of doctors and drugs, and to inspire people to seek alternative and holistic healthcare solutions.

I want people to see—so they truly understand—that for most chronic conditions doctors and drugs offer temporary relief at best.  And I also want to show there are a variety of holistic and natural solutions for many health conditions that medical doctors will consider incurable.

When I decided to go to pharmacy school, I knew it was the right thing to do and I got a lot of good feedback. “Pharmacy is a great career.” I would be in the health care field and able to help people. It seemed perfect.

My father was a medical doctor, and my mother still works as a surgical technician handling the instruments during surgeries. I grew up with doctors and drugs being the norm, standard. I never heard of the alternative healthcare options.

Growing up, our hall closet had an assortment of medications. When one of my two brothers, my sister, or I were sick, my father always had a remedy handy that he could pull from the hallway closet that could help “fix” our problem. I always felt safe knowing we had special access to these medications.

There were of course other times when I would claim to be sick, hoping to get out of school. But my father would feel my pulse, get my temperature, look in my throat, and decide I was ok.  So it wasn’t all great news …!

When I decided to become a pharmacist, I was happy to know that I would not only continue to have access to these amazing, life-saving medications, but I would also have a thorough understanding of how they work. I could help people and I would have a career that I’d be proud of.

I went to University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy in Stockton, California and graduated in 1998.


When I went to pharmacy school, it’s a lot of memorization and technical words. With tests, papers, presentations, and several classes at once, they kept me very busy and there wasn’t much time to really think about what we were learning.

But I did pay special attention during the days when we learned about rheumatoid arthritis. Between my mother, her sister, and her brother, they’ve had 6 knee replacements, and I worried that rheumatoid arthritis may be in my genes and therefore part of my destiny.

So I paid close attention on these days when they taught about the treatments for the chronic and debilitating swelling in the joints.

In summary, they reduce the swelling, and when the first line of medications stop working, they reduce the swelling with different, more toxic medications. And when the disease continues to progress, or the side effects become intolerable, the will add new medications that will reduce the immune system function to reduce the swelling. (since the immune system creates swelling as a way to protect the body and regain balance). There was no talk of curing the condition, or what caused the swelling in the first place.

This was the first time I didn’t feel “safe” around medications. I didn’t feel comforted; I felt disappointed.

But again, there’s not much time to really think about things in pharmacy school—since we’re too busy getting things done!


My second epiphany happened when I was learning about cleansing. I had been hearing about cleansing as they were popular and trendy, but I really didn’t know much about it,  as we didn’t learn about cleansing in pharmacy school. I asked a friend to get me a cleanse. What happened next is I started reading different articles and books on cleansing. And I was fascinated by what I read, it was information I’ve never read before.

These books claimed that 95% of all diseases are caused by what we eat.

I thought, that’s ridiculous. I have a doctor of pharmacy degree, I am a health care professional , so if this was true I would have heard about it.!?!

I then took out my 1800 page therapeutics book that I used in school with all the diseases states and treatments, and I started looking for causes of common diseases. Here’s some of the causes that I found:

  • Acne. “The causes of acne are multifactorial and are not completely understood,”
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (heartburn). “… is related to the complex balance between defense mechanisms and aggressive factors,”
  • Asthma. “Although a single underlying cellular defect has not yet been discovered… hyper-reactivity of the airways to physical, chemical, and pharmacologic stimuli is the hallmark of asthma,”

The explanations were very technical, vague, and really didn’t make sense.  They were basically lots of technical babble talk that you learn and memorize for tests, but don’t intuitively don’t mean much.  Many basically claimed that the causes are unknown. In fact, acne, asthma, and heartburn are all very much related to diet and what food we eat.

After reading this, I felt disappointed, almost betrayed. I spent so much time and energy to learn to become a health care professional, but we really didn’t learn much about health:

  • We didn’t learn about nutrition, or how our food affects our health—only the bare minimum.
  • We didn’t learn how negative emotions can lead to ill health.
  • We didn’t learn how our own thoughts can empower us or make us sicker.
  • We didn’t even learn about herbal remedies, which are natural and less toxic than most pharmaceuticals.

We only learned about drugs as a solution to every health condition and disease. We only learned about he most profitable yet toxic remedies.

Customers would come and ask questions, and depend upon pharmacists and medical doctors for all their health care needs, but the truth is we are not trained in true health, we are only trained in drugs as a solution to every problem. And when there’s side effects to the drugs, well we have another drug to help with that as well.


I then went on a mission to learn about all the holistic healthcare options available. I read several books, but I also held a monthly mixer in my Long Beach, California community where we would invite three holistic practitioners each month to give sample sessions to the community. From these I got to meet several practitioners, but I also learned  a lot about the various holistic healthcare options, and how they treat many health conditions but working to restore balance. And I was fascinated how they are able to cure and help people where western medicine cannot.

My book, Off Balance, The American Way of Health is an explanation of how drugs don’t work in very simple terms, so readers can truly see what drugs are doing, how they are making patients more comfortable instead of restoring health, or balance. I also have interviews with several people who have healed themselves from conditions their doctors couldn’t treat. Health conditions from things such as chronic fatigue, neuropathy, Tourette’s syndrome, addictions, chronic pain, and cancer.

I now work to help people learn that there are holistic and alternative solutions for most chronic medical conditions, and I also hope to inspire people to empower themselves to take control of their health.

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