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I’m  Dr. Leyla Ali and welcome to my website.  I’ve worked as a pharmacist for over 17 years, and worked in pharmacies for over 25 years.  As a pharmacist, I always worked to help customers find the safest and most effective drug treatment.  But over the years, I’ve gotten to see many people’s health slowly deteriorate over time as they took more and more medications.

I then started learning about holistic and alternative healthcare options. I was surprised and disappointed to find there are safer and less costly alternatives for several health conditions and diseases that people struggle with for years.

I also learned that people often seek the latest and greatest new drug on the market. But the truth is often a need to focus on the forgotten basics of health, body, mind, spirit, thoughts, and emotions.

My mission is to help people understand the limitations of doctors and drugs, and to inspire people to seek alternative and holistic healthcare solutions.

I want people to see—so they truly understand—that for most chronic conditions doctors and drugs offer temporary relief at best.  And I also want to show there are a variety of holistic and natural solutions for many health conditions that medical doctors will consider incurable.

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